रोमांटिक स्टेटस इन इंग्लिश -Romantic WhatsApp Status Quotes

 Romantic WhatsApp status shows what you think about love and how well you can express it. Here are some of the romantic WhatsApp online status.

_ Nothing is💖 perfect, but_ when I'm 💥with you, everything _is perfect.

💘Thinking of _you is easy; I do it every👬 day. Missing you is the😄 heartache that_ never goes away.

💓 I love my _life 💙because it gave me_ you; I love you😡 because_ you are my life.

 There_ are only💏 two times that I _want to be with you. Now _and Forever.🌹

🌷 If I _could choose between loving _you and👰 breathing, I would _want my😛 last breath _to say I love you.💟

_# Life can give💋💋 us lots' of _beautiful 💢persons, but only_ one person is 😘enough_ for a beautiful life…🌲

_😄 The essence^ of romantic _love is that lovely 💕beginning, after_ which sadness and🌷 impossibility may _become the 🍗🍗rule.

 _👀Everyone _says you only fall in 💔💕love once, but that's_ not true. Every time💋 I hear your voice, I fall in _love all over 😋again.

# I dropped _a tear in 🌹the ocean, the day _that I find it is the _day🍵 I'll stop loving you.


_* You ❤are the _reason why I💗 smile, and _I love, I💟 breathe, I live.#🌹


 _My👦💨💜 love for you is like_ a mirror. You can🌹 break it into_ pieces, but 🍲when you look_ closely, you're still in it.🌺


_# In the 🌹world, there are _billions of💋 people. In my_ eyes, I see 👯only_ you.


_Age💧 does not _protect us from Love, But love_to ❤some extent, protects_ us from 💖age.


 _I wish 🍒dreams were like_ wishes, and wishes 👀came true, cause_ in my 😎thoughts I'm always_ with you.

sweet smile quotes

_#$ Your sweet_ smile 👄💋gives me the courage_ to fight the💢💗 struggles _in my life


🌹 I_ cannot promise to _solve all your problems, ❤💔but I can only_ make sure🌸🌸 that I will _never let you face them 🍵🍇alone.


_You are💘💋 like a bright_ sun as your🌹 blazing love can_ even💑 make the stars_ fade away.


_👰 I love 👄you. One second to say. 2 minutes_ to 💘explain and a_ lifetime💕 to prove it.


👌 Love the _One Who 🍲Makes Ur World _Beautiful.👄👍

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