Latest Funny Whatsapp status english

Latest Funny WhatsApp status is a way to express  an unusual side of your personality to others. Your funny WhatsApp status adds happiness and positivism in other's life, who all connected with you WhatsApp. Here are some examples.

1. I Wonder What Happens When Doctor's Wife Eats An Apple A Day.

2. Life is Short - Chat Fast!

3. Doing nothing is a tough thing to do. You never know when to finish.

4. People that Change Love status after 30 Sec. G.F. is the Reason...

5. A book-store is only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.

6. My biggest concern in life is actually how my online friends can be informed of my death..!!

7. Mosquitos are like family. Annoying, but they carry your blood.

8. If College has taught us anything, it's texting without looking :)

9. The only time success comes before work is in the dictionary.

10. Light travels faster than sound…that's why people appear bright until they speak

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13. I love my job only when I'm on vacation.

14. 80% of boys have girlfriends. The rest 20% have a brain.

15. Sorry about those texts I sent you last night, my phone was drunk.

16. I want someone to give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.

17. The most powerful words other than I LOVE YOU is "Salary is Credited."

19. My bed is always extra comfortable when I need to get out of it in the morning.

20. I hate people who steal my ideas before I think of them.

21. I love my six-pack so much, I protect it with a layer of fat.

22. You can never buy love. But still, you have to pay for it.

23. Whoever says "Good Morning" on Monday's deserves to get slapped.

24. C.L.A.S.S.- come late and start sleeping

25. Running away does not help you with your problems unless you are fat.

26. If time does not wait for you, don't worry. Just remove the battery from the clock and enjoy life.

27. Try to say the letter M without your lips touching.

28. If common sense is so common, why are there so many people without it?

29. I'm just having an allergic reaction to the universe.

30. I used to like my neighbors until they put a password on their Wi-Fi.


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